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Learn Duchess Kate Middleton ‘s hair , easily create aristocratic ladies style

11 March 2014 in Fashion news

Since the Duchess Kate Middleton married into the royal family , every move by the world’s attention. Makeup hair styling has started to become a new fashion icon, become role models for women around the world .
Kate’s hairstyle changed little since the debut , are naturally fluffy , full of romantic feeling waves of air volume . Bring out her mature and elegant royal temperament.
In more formal occasions , Kate hermes replica  would take care of curly hair more supple texture , with a tuxedo played, very elegant .
Natural light and fluffy wavy hair full sense to be closer to Kate unlimited curls hairstyle.
Panax long bangs boundaries , and a few years ago hot jellyfish head shadow. Princess Kate has again this trend with hot up.

Hairstyle step
1 , the hair , using a curling iron 32mm model , but not all electricity volumes, only began to roll out in the office near the tail of 15cm . Big waves roll Duchess Kate Middleton hairstyle logo.
2 , the hair around the partition , according to the proportion of decisions about personal preference . Finally, spray hairspray , fingers instead of a comb , light outgoing nature hair style.
Duchess Kate Middleton Pippa as maid of honor at the wedding can be described as stunning in the world . Attention she received even catch up with her ​​sister’s limelight , dressed in a simple white dress with braided hair half head .
Compared to all sense of elegance to the hair on both sides of the plate from the side a little leaving some bangs approach, can make women look more charm children .
In the long braided hair curly hair plus basically , with Britain’s traditional hat, retro royal style has been more prominent . Half-head hair is a lot of little beauty hair standing out , more than shawl silk braided hair , pony tail a little too much at random, whether it is a mature woman or cute girls are suitable for wild hairstyle.
Pippa braided hair half head of hair than the average of half a hint of caution multi- machine, a glimmer of new changes .
Hairstyle step
1, first bangs parted with 26mm curlers , alternating with the way both inside and outside the volume electric hair volume . Hand dial loose hair .
2 , the separation of the left and right ears of each strand of hair , grabbed the second half of the hair rolled inward , and then head back out in the hairpin fixed .
3 , Lianglv hair like a circle around the inside of the same shape , creating a natural fluffy feeling. Finally, hair ornaments decorated to create Huali Shu woman feeling.

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Chinese girls thong invention favor of condoms for VCs

10 March 2014 in Fashion news

China Beijing , March 9 , at the First Guangzhou Guangzhou Youth Culture Contest semi-final spot , 105 entrepreneurial team after the preliminary round of fierce fighting , the judges show their creativity , is expected to be cut by venture capital institutions to support the landing. Among the participating teams , the Southern Medical Eros team detachable pouch thong type condom project particularly noticeable.
Last year , after the female students to develop condoms news out, so the team experienced a rainbow night , on the one hand is the sudden fame of excitement, on the other hand were a lot of people even suspected motive was abusive . Although once maligned , but the team still insist on improved design and get your family , teachers and classmates for their support.
Now, they took back to revise and improve the program came to Guangzhou after the  gucci replica youth culture and creative entrepreneurship contest the semi-finals of the site , on a computer , with a thong condom 3D map rotation back and forth. This condom coverage and prevent excessive contact with body fluids , pants sets of convergence , but also to more effective contraception . Both play a protective role , it will not reduce sex drive . Team Leader Hong Kong Yan introduced . At present, VCs interviews with them , and soon after , the Eros team developed a detachable pouch thong -type condoms will be available .

Team Leader Hong Kong Yan , Southern Medical University Clinical MCH is a junior , school period, a reproductive health professional courses so that several students had a strong interest. Hole Yan Xiang said , we have to discuss with a male student , currently condoms on the market , covering an area are too small , the role of preventive disease is relatively small . After discussion with the students holes swallow the more fragrant , the more problems found .
According to related statistics , the world production of 15 billion condoms a year , about 7.5 million users . Condoms have been available for about four hundred years, but only a few of the past five decades of technological innovation , Yan Hong Kong think that there is a big market . The end of the semester, the holiday home of several female students to check the literature associated experts . Yan Hong hole a few people who want to develop a condom pants , retrieved after the market has found such products .
An expert of Dermatology and Venereology their email reply mentioned that they developed the condom may not apply to couples , the target market may be sex workers , which they are a great inspiration.
In addition to the same four girls dormitory , clinical transfusion professional learning team members Young Hunters become the only male in the back of the development process, he played a major role : for example, to buy condoms shy female students do research sample he would run for it. Hong Kong Yan also pulled a marketing professional students to join.
So far, there are six university students in East resurgence team was established , after months of research , they launched the patron saint of love detachable pouch thong type condoms.
In the process of seeking the cooperation of manufacturers , they frequently run into a wall . They Dongguan, Guangzhou and other places to find a manufacturer , want to know the condom production process , there fifty-six said public inconvenience , other vague and no audio . But for the future of their invention of products, they are confident, based on product planning book , they will set up a company . Currently the team is participating students start the game , and intends to apply for a patent , looking for manufacturers to produce .

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Ribbon bow hair bands have their more romantic Women’s Day

8 March 2014 in Fashion news

A good horse with a good saddle , good hair with a good hairpin . Each drawer girl with long hair should have so few hair ornaments , ribbons or lace small pink bow , or encrusted with small floral card, it may be the Princess Bling Bling rhinestone hoop . Although from time to time to bring it up to play with something , you can always be yourself too embarrassed to wear every day these sweet hair accessories to work. As hair accents , with the right mix of chanel replica hair accessories for your hair can always icing on the cake , even embarrassed in front of people dressed too sweet, can not always kept dull hair Yeah. Compiled code in this style you recommend some simple hair ornaments , neither too sweet and romantic , but also to add some luster to your hair .

Almost every girl child and even grow in the future , there will be at least one headband . Not only can it be broken hair cage in the ear , better equipped with a variety of pretty little things , in the head put up a wonderful little arch . Child, each get a new beautiful hair bands, always happy to have to wear it to school. It is not just to bring their own convenience , more or because it meets the love of pretty little girls wish
Just a small simple straps trimmed with feathers or string, people will be able to instantly become a bohemian . Hair tie is with a little exotic , with a bright color with a floral dress, very reminiscent of the warm southern sun . Hair straps for hair is not high , either long or short hair can be convenient and Variety .
Department of sweet and adorable sister essential big kill ! Whether you go to the jewelry store which can always see an array of different kinds of goods shelves bow . Bow is also possible with a wide range of hair ornaments, carved , partial points, Qi Liu can choose a favorite not bow in her hair . Different bows can also create different styles oh !
Most any play, hair accessories come in handy is the scarf . You can just pick out one their old scarf , it will fold diagonally , folded strips, then tied in the head . You can put it tied into a bow shape , you can put the extra length on the ears, you can simply make a plain buckle. All in all, you can either free play .
Obviously now the head of the hat has not only used to warm up . Often too optimistic in her hair hairstyle was not any time in the morning , compiled code will come up with a hat on his head from the closet , bad hair was covered.

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Sweater with gold partner so very feminine

7 March 2014 in Fashion news

Sweater year also trendy? I actually quite like it , you can always worried it will lose feminine wear , it seems you can never find a spot for himself let sweater dress plus.

Sweater this season and no signs of delisting , which the hermes replica can be found in many brands of the show , such as everyone loves Alexander Wang.

Have to say, light chiffon dress with pleated texture sweater spring and summer show floor is a new way to take hold of the outfit . Sports sweater veil combination with fairies is very beautiful , very eager to be sorry , this is limited to the runway , or with the way the model is not suitable for those of us among the less than 180cm tall hobbits .

If you can not help but want to challenge , it will be the second Miroslava Duma. The coming of the Russian Queen Street to get to the hip length sweater is different from the past few quarters, the most obvious feature , but she was distracted during Fashion Week to a calf with a long skirt , not a belt instantly shrunk to less than 160cm in height 120cm. Like any fashionable styles of fashion has its minefields , like you always need to do is look at yourself first .

Burberry Prorsum, Marni and other brands with a simple sweater with three-dimensional beaded , sequined pencil skirt way of dressing , you can COPY, which in turn is two birds with one stone , but also solve the gorgeous hot season send to how to wear a pencil skirt will not look too grand problem.

Another It Girl Alexa Chung shared his dressing experience, the best partner sweater non- pencil skirt perfectly. I also think that this applies to the planet with more than 95 percent of the girls , because a slightly inflated sense of sweater under a pencil skirt lines off will leggy and slender , skinny girl does not want to know that a thin, Gao Bugao , legs factors accounted for 8 percent.

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Chanel2014 Winter Paris Fashion Week

6 March 2014 in Chanel

In the anniversary affair of the Paris Appearance Week, as the bounded architecture cast , Chanel of advance is the awful advancing division ‘s Chanel appearance no accessible look, the additional is appear six official absolution data of the plan by the way . However, this does not anticipate the arrival of humans to bolt up with the clip of Chanel .

In Milan and London Appearance Anniversary is absolutely bourgeois , they adopt bounded architecture , accepting is not top adopted designers accomplish a bedfellow feel these outsiders are still able , and the New York chanel replica Appearance Anniversary are too able business altitude , alone Paris absolutely blot the apple in appearance elite. Those Chanticleer appearance designers from Japan, the United Kingdom and Belgium , about all of Paris into the acreage of eyes through the apple .

This division ‘s Chanel appearance acreage accomplishments and not accessible to the columnist chargeless to shoot , so the official backstage architecture diagram is decidedly admired , and accordingly can be empiric at abutting ambit afterwards accession beauteous Chanel architecture !


Architecture album is still application the Chanel camellia moisturizing series, absolutely attend the derma attending added acceptable to actualize a faculty of accuracy . Accept a new architecture PERFECTION LUMIERE VELVET aqueous foundation , a altered easygoing attractive clover architecture , back endure year the Top Hand Workshop aboriginal autumn began , Chanel (Chanel) the appearance has been application this aqueous foundation architecture , with absolute ablaze honey bloom , like derma draped velvet. Select a acceptable bloom bloom bloom a new name “Canaille” ‘s . Architecture and lip appearance does not aggrandize or matte feeling, just a beginning bald amber and anemic apricot to echoes and blush.

Eye architecture is still allotment of the aforementioned highlights ! Has acquired the bristling eyebrows accomplish the archetypal attending beaming , and sneakers this division with anniversary other, vibrant. The brownish eye adumbration eyeshadow mousse is a accustomed best , No. 84 , No. 81 afterwards two superimposed Color eyeshadow mousse and produced this absurd aglow brownish fair argent . Then eyeshadow besom biconcave pink, green, orange and aphotic red outline up to the end of eye colorant in the eye centermost , like the finishing blow in general.

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New 2014 Wedding Trends

5 March 2014 in Fashion news

Compared to architecture their own wedding, marriage companies chase the plan formulated acutely arise almost simple , but you should aswell be a big day for the activity of their own lot to accede , with advertence to accepted trends , do not absolutely adequate marriage arrange – some of those a lot of obsolete.

By belief the new 2014 chanel replica  marriage trends , acceptance you to pay added absorption to assimilate their processes , invitations, ring selection, and aliment alertness and added data of the marriage . Such accurate ability will accomplish himself a altered wedding.

Chic invitations

Forget those marriage invitations 5×7 inches in admeasurement , added artful , added bunched invitations will accomplish you assume added aboveboard , added special. You can aswell architecture their own easily to invitations, hand-painted , with some altered elements to actualize altered invitations, instead of downloading the arrangement compatible printing.


Atramentous tie wedding

Marriage dress should aswell be acclaimed that atramentous tie is a acceptable best , easygoing , is a best of allowance and annual . Gown and gloves should be arena , it is official .

Assurance rings and marriage rings Contacts

British affiliated women usually accept two rings, an assurance ring and a marriage ring . Affected by this custom , the benedict will be abounding places to buy two rings for the woman . For such celebrities Emily Maynard and Diane Kruger , the assurance ring with adored stones or added adored stones are usually based. But you can in actuality charge not be so , as continued as you absorb some anticipation , the hotlink amid assurance ring and marriage ring set up in such a actualization that they can action the amalgam and so on, so that not alone stylish, but aswell has its own altered point .

Bridesmaid dress

The added bridesmaids , you will added effortless for the bridesmaid dress , all of the aforementioned actualization and blush will arise addled , bridesmaids will accept a baby amount of complaints, but if you let them accept their own , you anguish too abundant clutter. You can ascertain a assertive style, blush optional, or aces a affair , as a base for bridesmaids to dress themselves .

Acuteness on the marriage cake

How can a baby marriage block , but if you anticipate alfresco of the block arrangement too banal no personality ? In fact, you can ask for your own pastry bazaar to actualize a altered marriage block , or even carelessness the archetypal lotus blade arrangement , architecture their own , aerial imagination.

Amusing Webcast wedding

If you wish your marriage accessory added times, reside on amusing networks is a acceptable choice. Actualize a tag for your guests , ancestors and accompany at the aforementioned time , amuse do not upload photos afterwards permission .

Carnival Party

2014 marriage trends mentioned in the night afterwards the marriage , we are accommodating to singing and dancing to bless . You can not change the area , but the transformation of music , lighting and added data of the marriage area into a dance.

Asymmetrical bouquet

Forget those actual important marriage standards, what symmetry, items placed in the position area you can relax and approximate arrangements. Flowers allotment abnormally , do not behave, how and how arise your apperception , do not balanced , so that their accustomed abode .

Adaptable buzz charging station

In actualization of this affectionate of affair is absurd a few years ago , but now the bearings has afflicted . And the enactment of a adaptable buzz charging base to be busy , let your guests can be answerable at any time , no best accept to anguish about video camera array died could cause . This is a actual affectionate one suggestion.

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Hermes 2014 spring and summer men

27 February 2014 in Fashion news

Western Europe this summer is a failure , failure is not hot , there is always only a few days early spring chill .
Followed the 2014 Spring Fashion Week , but imagine the busy summer menswear look like next year .
In fact, every year, Hermes hermes replica spring and summer men ‘s style changed Debu large faction ocean resort style. Show no explosion point , smooth and calm , trendy and popular brand not want to pursue results. Some brands show look good , you always expect them to show each season brings results, it can be really looking at a Show. Sometimes forget that this is actually a fashion publication , should not have a distracting wonderful.
In contrast , Hermes show does not look good , look good too understand.
Hermes ‘s something sure to Re-see to see things , the devil is hidden in the details . For example, the lamb leather jacket hollow , that one is smaller than the needle hole is a little bit artificial diamond out, from bottom to top , the hole gradually from pinhole size to the size of a grain of rice . Is this tiny hole in the show floor do not see . Leather is also specially invited artificial grinding , half to maintain the original color of the cortex , and the other half had polished by hand , presents a special Pak texture.

hermes men 40227103746
Read a long time ago announced plans to step down in May last year, Hermès ‘s CEO-Patrick Thomas is a report , Thomas said , Hermes has never pursued the trend of a company, it is the story of handicrafts .
But at the Paris Fashion Week, the trend itself is removed , what is left of fashion ? Hermes to answer is craft and its superb workmanship .
So, you can see the Birkin Bag spirit to dress top. Designer’s thoughts around the small details in full , classic horse pattern by laser engraving , reposted attached shirt, in order not to be too ostentatious and tops it uses the same color and fabric , so that the horse pattern vaguely where such ingenuity shuttle in fashion in every season .
The so-called penny , for, handmade in Europe is a synonym for expensive and experienced master craftsmen asking price is unthinkable and measure , because if brands do not do, the craft could go elsewhere . If a dress is crafted so , of course, you do not want to wear it season on strike , but hope to have a classic style , so afraid of the next season will be obsolete , seeking comfortable and natural colors , earth tones is the most secure option, plus the clothing itself can make you perfect workmanship through several rounds of cold and heat, which is designed on the thinking of the chief menswear designer Veronique Nichanian logic.
Hermes never please spokesperson, did not attend the fashion show star , less hectic , more time from the heart of the original experience of the fashion show . So quiet nonsense brand has also been selected in place in line with its temperament – the Paris School of Medicine , was formerly La Couvent des Cordeliers. Beautiful courtyard , people do a Midsummer Night’s Dream , the hospital has a summer pond , a few bright red goldfish quietly move about in the pool , greenery and blooming hydrangeas decorated in the courtyard , where the shuttle model , and I sat watching all this happen where and end .
Hermes has actually been talking about the same story , extreme purely aesthetic basis .

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Gucci 2014 autumn and winter regression fresh

26 February 2014 in Gucci

Gucci 2014 autumn and winter fashion week in Milan opened the curtain , which have begun to enter the highlight of fashion week ! Gucci 2014 Gucci Winter her interpretation of the ultimate luxury of a visual feast and taste. The heritage of the brand’s classic and innovative ways to break through the presentation . Frida Giannini Gucci creative director said , I want to portray a very specific Gucci reserves spirit. Exquisite attention to detail , clean contour lines , precise tailoring and exquisite blend of the latest image of the material . Tell a charming innocence gorgeous luster and charm .
This season ‘s Gucci girl keen to show their true selves , even put on a neutral men , still showing cathartic rich and lovely and romantic .
One can imagine the 2014  gucci replica winter season, will be pink, light blue , pale yellow. These fresh pop of color . Baby Blue ‘s opening, neutral suits, cashmere, wool jacket coat, tough yet elegant neutral , suddenly reminds us of Gucci 2013 Winter Men that several coats. 1960s modern style including tunic style jacket , and metal Mahler iconic Gucci belt buckle and shoes . This season fur leather dress coat, even more luxurious crocodile leather handbag , snakeskin boots , etc. When these elements are met green, blue , or even pink , no doubt will be the hot season work .
Gucci 2014 Winter Watch:
1 On the color and profile shape, bid farewell to the previous two quarters Diablo sexy and luxurious elegance, return to neutral strong, simple , fresh , modern and elegant !
2.60 ‘s modern style throughout the show
3 Even Frida ultimate luxury elegant evening wear portion of the customary practices Giannini also gone into a neutral or even with men of similar jacket .
Gucci 201443625
Such as candy -like fantasy colors, soft baby blue , bright cornflower blue, soft pink , green and yellow. Highly saturated colors intertwined with elegant beige , amber and pure black , rich color palette rendering in attire and accessories .
Like an elegant cocktail dinner . Exclusive mini skirt embroidered dress style , the black dress horsebit abstract pattern with python skin boots , creating a sexy beauty. Smoked black color crystal jewelry in an atmosphere of glorious bloom , silk combined with fur detail , showing the delicate taste of luxury .
Craftsmanship and innovative interpretation of the iconic elements of classic Jackie bag with soft leather and a new structure of the perfect present. Convenient and practical metal bolt lock used tote bag , briefcase and shoulder bag . Horsebit kinds of shoes decorated with a variety of colors of leather, python skin and luxurious pony hair material , whether or boots and ankle boots with a low heel design to create everyday dress. Flashing shiny black leather high-heeled boots, a unique beauty lit evening match. Hand-painted color crystal decorate the horsebit bracelet with metallic trim oversized sunglasses, dotted the overall shape and gives luxurious beauty.

Silhouette and fabrics
The neutral romanticism and ’60s modern style blend into everyday wear essential design . The entire series with perfect proportions , combined with high-quality soft -fitting cropped fur rendering. Whether it is the elegant jacket with ankle-length pants or A -type skirts are a good choice. Leather heroine of this season , the decorative folds unlined sheepskin shirts, dresses, pants, skirts and jackets have been widely used. Stretch knit wool, angora and mohair boxy as the original box decorated with coats and coats metal plate buttons long paragraph brings a soft feel. Lamb’s wool , goat hair and wool beaver and other fur inside and outside a large area on both sides of the design , combined with well-cut profile shape, highlights the unparalleled luxury . Pink mink loose T-shirt printed with animal patterns with silk or horse hair coat , jackets , shirts, pants and miniskirts to show a different kind of style .

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Aesthetic artistic inspiration , challenge your eyesight Christian Louboutin latest accessories commercials

25 February 2014 in Fashion news

I saw a lot of stars, the interpretation of the 2014 spring and summer supermodel types of advertising blockbusters, art for Christian Louboutin ‘s with you for a change ! Famous painter Peter Paul Rubens ‘s work is inspired by the photographer Peter Lippmann Christian Louboutin2014 cleverly fused with spring accessories still life, flowers themed paintings together, you do not even need to take the time to quiz their eyesight to find those handbags and shoes hiding where .
In fact, back in 2011 , Christian Louboutin has launched a set of commercials accessories and paintings will be combined .
Christian Louboutin, a French designer of  gucci replica high-heeled shoes , but also a well-known brand of high heels , red-soled shoes are Christian Louboutin ‘s signature logo.

Christian Louboutin
Christian Louboutin ‘s signature red soles are also derived from the accident. He was the assistant is to wipe their own red nail polish, he grabbed the bottle , painted in their own half of the design sketch to add a few strokes . That is just my handy painting , but soon became my logo. I see it as an element with provocative . He says. Many of his customers have revealed that red soles have a fatal attraction to men .
Tube outside have much criticism on the heels , high heels fans are tightly plugged ears.
The reason is probably that the shoes are no longer in the position of accessories . Whether it is more varied, dramatic and personal footwear design, or they are on the red carpet to attract more and more shots , designers will no longer show as clothing with leather goods – they do not even consider the wearer , but instead requires the wearer to adapt themselves so that the most experienced models are faltering heels. As long as Marc, Christian, Manolo and Prada them to do it , there is always someone will wear them out.
Christian Louboutin has said that a beauty girl should have at least seven pairs of shoes , like the seven deadly sins , a pair of fun, a pair to flirt , a pair of work wear , a pair of holiday with a pair of time for the Spring Night , a pair of never worn and a pair of you do not like , do not like to have a pair of shoes , you can remind yourself not always perfect dress .

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Supermodel Jiang laugh Iraq was met Valentine Fashion Week

24 February 2014 in Fashion news

Annual Fashion Week , supermodel busy, busy media , see the show ‘s stars are also busy blooming , Winter 2014 New York Fashion Week caught up with Blizzard , hit the Chinese traditional festival , the Lantern Festival, met Valentine’s Day, Chinese supermodel Jiang Yi laughed , then met Valentine Fashion Week , what are you doing ? Next, we take a look at the supermodel from China is how to spend holidays .
February 14, 2014 , Valentine’s Day gucci outlet , also happen to China ‘s Lantern Festival . New York Fashion Week just concluded , as it happens today does not work, the rare whenever he woke up .
9:00 woke up , opened the curtains overlooking the small partners is how the holidays it ? After a busy end to this leisurely fashion week and ease of model is incomparable to enjoy all the working arrangements are placed behind , Because today is holiday! rapid wash finished , make yourself a simple breakfast.
Due to the busy weekdays , nest chase drama and drama in the United States has become the biggest sofa enjoying idle ! Especially if you come from the stars , ” and updated, but today 19 years but once Double Festivals, stay home on a pity, of course, offer the important day sisters get together ! Mimi ‘s dressing mirror something , go! The goal is to New York Chinatown Spring Deer , because a little far away from the residence , we decided to take the bus , along the way there are different styles of shops full of towering skyscrapers festive atmosphere , bustling pedestrian walking the streets , because Valentine’s Day, St. couple on a very Doha , sisters mood quickly become infected, a car also came laughter ﹍ London many times, but when the job seeking only to hurry hurry , did not feel like now enjoy the pleasure of sitting on the bus New York street .
jiang 99250180
The afternoon rush hour spent in happy , visiting the tired can rest at the corner cafe look, accompanied by melodious music easily on a cup of your favorite hot chocolate carry a favorite book . Occasionally and partners enjoy chatting under Yihuo personality under the store decor, and occasionally looked up the street a couple of pairs YongCu in this noisy corner kissing each other , time flows so nice, pleasant to the dark before we found .
New York night lights dim , neon lights lit up the tall buildings of New York ‘s night sky, a colorful farewell to this city, we do together path back to New Jersey. Because too many singles in New York , so the sisters decided to go with Happy. Noon is the Lantern Festival evening valentine . Siblings met cuisine , then a cup of whisky, excitement and fun chatting horizons Fashion Week this season of their work .

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